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There is a new Kid in Town from the Stylish and elegant beauty of Italy, comes the Divina named after her God Mother, Sophia Loran the famous Italian and French Actress, a beauty in her own right.

Of course we are talking about the majestic cruise ship from the Mediterranean Shipping Company that has been featured out of Miami Florida Sea Port.

One of the most Exceptional Feature of this ship is the excellence of Service provided to the Guests of the Yacht Club. A ship within a ship, as they refer to it and upon arrival standing smartly in a line are European Butlers visible at dock side, upon arrival at the port. White gloves, Black Tux with long tail jacket, shined shoes, white shirt and striped tie, waiting to assist there individual Yacht Club Guests to their suite.

This personal service will continue throughout the journey as the Butler see’s to the details of getting the language to their suite and depending upon the guest they even unpack the bags placing everything from the luggage systematically in dressers and closets as appropriately needed. One must experience the plush beauty of the suites in the Yacht Club to fully appreciate excellence of style provided by MSC and their designers.


Pampering the guests at all times for the detail of service is part of the luxury that MSC Yacht Club provides, to include complimentary beverage service at all times, the private Top Sail Lounge offers complimentary services in a private club ambiance as well as majestic views while relaxing, private pool and sunning area called the one sun bay combines luxury and undisturbed pleasure.

Dinning becomes a gourmets experience of delight with no fixed seating times one dines at their pleasure and a constantly changing Mediterranean menu provides an excellent verity.

Top off a day with your butler escorting you to your private seating at the evening stage shows that rival any Broad way or Vegas show and perhaps afterword’s visit the Casino or stop off for some Disco Dancing and a cocktail before returning to your suite that is your home away from home. For more details remember to call us to arrange your personal experience of MSC Yacht Club.

Azamara Content Image
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