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If You Think That You Have Done Everything…Talk To Us!

Some of our clients have said, “We have done everything,” indicating everything being the main stream travel. Well we are here to change that idea by visually showing some of the places yet to be discovered and experienced. We have hundreds of ideas for exotic vacation packages. We can create an all-inclusive travel package that caters to your interests and taste. We will meet with you to help you plan the vacation of your dreams, that’s at a price within your budget.

Viking River Cruises announced just this year that they are offering and exotic vacation package that includes a new river cruise in Myanmar, or what some refer to as old Burma. Burma has been off limits for travel until now. Or maybe you want to cruise to Alaska and see the glaciers. Regardless, what you think that you have experienced, let us plan a package for you like nothing that you have ever experienced.

Unique means out of the ordinary and out of the box, from the Amazon in South America to the Poles at either ends of the earth; to unique experiences with National Geographic as an explorer, the world is at your feet. If you just need a little help finding vacation ideas that are unique, call us and we help you plan an exotic vacation package that’s out of the box. We can create a travel package deal that is affordable, unforgettable, and just right for you.

Price Isn’t Eveything!


While price is important when cruising, it isn’t just the cheap fares that make for a memorable holiday voyage. After all, the competition is keen among all the Cruise Lines and advertising by Travel Agents seems to have resolved to advertise the lowest cheapest fares. And these low prices rarely end up with that dollar amount on your invoice, and why?

The idea is that everyone wants the cheapest fare and that just isn’t true but what is, is that value is important for the dollars spent and there hasbeen no better time to take advantage of your personal Travel Planners experience and training.

While the internet has made it somewhat easy for everyone to access the websites with travel Information, not everyone either has the time or the patience and access for current information that is made available to Professional Travel Planners.

Great Value and An Exceptional Experience

We can help with your travel planning.

Let Us Find The “True” Best Price For You!


There is no cost or lower price you can find on the internet anywhere that is not available to you through this Professional Travel Planner. Often there are some perks or upgrades or valued information that you’re unaware of, that your Professional Travel Planner is kept informed of daily and sometimes hourly by Cruise Lines. Notice I said Cruise Lines as being plural. If you deal solely with one Cruise Line you won’t be informed about anything from other Lines but most Independent Travel Agencies have access to all the Cruise Lines at the same time and competition has become far more than just pricing.

Value comes in several forms, and yes the Cruise Industry wants you to be rewarded by joining their Frequent Cruiser Program a bit like only going to one restaurant or Air Line. While that is fine for anyone that likes that personal aspect, you are not giving yourself the opportunity of finding other value and interests when not using your Professional Travel Agent Planner who can at least keep you informed. You make your own choice but at least it’s an informed choice.

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