The Experience
Ever Want to Live in a Rain Forest?

While the experience of living in the rain forest might not be for everybody, it was one the owners took serious enough to devote 6 years of their life to and while they now live in Florida they have no regrets for spending their time in the Oldest Rain Forest in the World. They both have devoted their lives first separately and now jointly to experiencing life and its beauty.

Most people would not know that the Dain Tree in the mountains over Cairns, Australia is the most beautiful and oldest Rain Forest in the world. Cairns, also the place most visited for anyone looking to visit the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef with all the majestic colorful fish in the world’s largest living coral reef. Visible from the space station!

High Above the port of Cairns in the dense rain forest one can find more color than the rainbow provides in nature with the Iridescent Royal Blue Ulises Butterflies the size of small birds. Parrots like the King Parrot of Red Green and Blue. Birds of more colors of diversity and beauty of species to include a 5 foot tall throwback to the dinosaur called a Cassowary wearing its colorful unique crown.

To experience all the beauty of nature is something one must experience in person in order to understand like the Grand Canyon in Arizona, no picture can capture it. Discovery for the verity of cultures and architecture either man made or sculptured by nature must be experienced.

Life is Short…Experience It Now!

We travel to expose our minds and sole for the experience of life as our time is short so we must explore for the value of our experiences. To share a sun rise or sun set with a friend has become a gift. The owners now live their life to share their knowledge and help to ensure your experience is as fulfilling as theirs has been during their life. They are now in their golden years and have traveled the world since childhood none stop. Perhaps it’s time to join them on one of their next adventures because what better way to live life than to share the experience with friends. At the very least if you travel on your own it is so much better to have friends to share your stories with on your return and both the owners love to share a meal with friends to hear their stories too.

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