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“ A Compensation plan unmatched in the industry; hands down!”

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Become an Independent Marketing Representative (Rep) with yourTravelBiz.com and earn a Direct Sales Commission of $50 on all personally sold On-line Travel Agencies as well as commissions on all travel business booked on your website.

Travel Booking Commissions

 You receive sales commissions for all travel booked on your website. YTB Travel currently has over 55,000 Hotels & Resorts, 27 Cruise Lines, over 60 airlines, dozens of car rental companies, tours and all-inclusive travel packages, concerts and shows, golf packages, send flowers online, travel insurance and much, much more!

Just imagine, you will have your own 24 hour per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year Internet website powered by Priceline.com with links to such prestigious sites as Hotel.com, Disney, Radisson, Sheraton, Norwegian Cruise LIne, KLM, British Airways, Sandals, Club Med, just to name a few, that you can tell your...

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Business Associates
  4. Organizations that you belong to
  5. People in your subdivision
  6. Parents in your child's class
  7. Team mates in your sports league
  8. Essentially...EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

After all, who are your family, friends and associates going to book their travel with if...

  1. The plane coststhe same or less?
  2. The cruise costs the same or less?
  3. The hotel costs the same or less?
  4. Are you starting to get the idea yet?

If the prices are equal or less, or even a little bit more, we are confident that they will book with...


If you only 10 of your family and friends book their yearly travel requirements with you on your new travel website and they spend and average of only $3,000, then...

Add it up for yourself. The current average spent in the United States per year for travel is $3,000 per person and is expected to double to $6,000 per person in the next decade.

Think of all of the people that you know, that you are friends with, that are people who are on a first name, friendly basis with you. How many people could you possibly tell about your new Internet Travel Business?

Add up all of these people and consider that if everything else is equal, the quality of the service, the products needed such as airfare, cruiselines, hotels etc, the availability of products is identical, and the prices are close to or equal to all of the other Internet discount travel services, AND you tell them about your new Internet Travel Site powered by Priceline.com, why wouldn't they go with you? 

You do the math. How much do you think that you can earn if you apply the calculations on the 10 people illustrated above times all of the people that you think that you can talk into using your website?

How much money do you think that you will make?

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Let us tell you about the second way that you can benefit from being your own refering travel agent!

FAM Trips (Familiarization Trips) And Other Travel Agent Perks

As a travel agent you are entitled to travel at tremendous discounts over and above the discounts offered to the public.

Many resort areas, cities, tourism boards, properties and vendors offer deeply discounted trips to Travel Agents to familizrize them with their location. These trips are offered as "Perks and Courtesies" to Travel Professionals at the sole discretion of the host and are ususally limited in availability. There are generally hundreds of FAM's at any given time.

Let us show you several recent FAM trips that were offered to our RTAs.

We don't know about you, but two of our secret dreams have been an Alaskan cruise and ever since we saw Marlon Brando in the movie made in Tahiti we wanted to go; but we NEVER dreamed that we could ever afford to go!

What is really amazing about this FAM trip is that $699 is cheaper than flying to Cleveland and staying at a budget rate motel for a few nights!

Some of my friends that went on the Tahiti trip told me that they had massages everyday while laying on the massage bed over a glass floor allowing them to watch the fish as they swam around their own personal room over the water! Man oh man, you can count on the fact that the next time that trip is available that we plan to go!

Also, as an RTA you get to travel with the added benefit of being able to tax deduct the entire trip!

OK, I know that this all sounds to good to be true; but the fact is that it is true! As a YTB RTA travel agent you are an independent business person, that is entitled to tax benefits and deductions that are only available to business and people that are in business for themselves.

You as a travel professional need to keep up with the accomodiations and trip amenities that you will be recommending to your clients an as a result, you need to take business trips to evaluate the services and locations that you will be recommending.

Thus, you need to take these FAM trips to keep up with the industry offerings. Just because you choose to go when you want, to where you want, at an incredible discount, does NOT mean that the expenses for the travel are not legitimate business deductions.

If you love to travel the way that we do, it is simply a win / win / win situtation!

"Personal Note From Phil & Lila Gilliam"

Sometimes the following team building structure can get people confused.

I know we did not understand it the first time that it was explained to us. Don't worry, we will be happy to get on the phone with you and do an Internet meeting with you and show you how the compensation program will work for you.

Let us just say that if you do get a little confused, don't worry. Just realize that all of the information below is telling you how to make a bundle of money with your new YTB Travel Business!

Phil & Lila Gilliam (727) 692-5151 


Call Us Anytime Between 8:00AM to 8:00 PM, Monday thru Friday and leave a message and we will call you back for free. Also, you can email us at philandlila@ytb7.com .

When you contact us, give us your name, telephone number and the best time to call you back.

Also, be sure and read "Our Story". We think that you will really enjoy it.


Begin Building Your Team

At yourTravelBiz.com you can qualify to earn income from 3 teams of Reps. The first will be built with the help of one of our leaders and is called the 1st Team. You will become the leader who builds the second team that is called the PowerTeam. The third team is called your DreamTeam and will be built by others with some help from you.

How to Qualify for Overrides

You qualify to earn compensation from these teams by making 4 personal On-line Travel Agency sales and your own purchase can be counted as one. You will continue to be qualified as long as you maintain at least 4 personally sold YTBnet Subscribers. A YTBnet subscriber is someone who is paying the $49.95 monthly fee for their On-line Travel Agency.

Qualify for Complimentary (FREE) Personal On-Line Travel Agency

When you personally make 6 On-line Travel Agency sales, your monthly YTBnet subscription of $49.95 will be reimbursed if you are a subscriber. The monthly fee will continue to be reimbursed as long as you maintain 6 active personally sold YTBnet subscribers. Residual income will still be paid on all free sites.

The 1st Team

Your 1st Team is made up of personally sponsored Reps plus the Reps they sponsor and so on.

When you are qualified to override by having 4 active personally sold On-Line Travel Agencies (you own Travel Agency can count as one), you will earn a 50% match of the commissions earned by all personally sponsored Reps in your 1st Team. Your 1st Team is considered complete when you:

• Personally sponsor 3 or more Reps

• Have 6 active RTA’s enrolled (On-line travel agencies paying $49.95 monthly fee) by you and/or your 1st Team Reps

The PowerTeam

Once your 1st Team is complete, you qualify to start your PowerTeam with additional personally sponsored Reps. Your PowerTeam includes the 1st Team of every Rep in your PowerTeam through infinity.

How Do I Get Paid on My PowerTeam?

• $50 PowerTeam Commission – You earn $50 on ALL On-Line Travel Agency (RTA) sales made by Reps in your PowerTeam.

• $100 on personal On-Line Travel Agency sales – You receive the $50 PowerTeam Commission in addition to the $50 Direct Sale Commission on all new personal sales once you have qualified to start your PowerTeam.

• 50% Match – You earn a 50% match on the commissions earned by personally sponsored PowerTeam Reps. If they make a personal On-Line Travel Agency sale and earn $50 Direct Sale Commission, you earn a 50% Match of $25 plus the $50 PowerTeam Commission for a total of $75.

• 4% PowerTeam Residual – RTAs pay $49.95 per month for their On-Line Travel Agency and business building tools. The PowerTeam Leader who receives the initial $50 PowerTeam Commission will also receives a 4% residual commission ($2) on all On-Line Travel Agency renewals of $49.95.

• Bonuses – see YTB LeaderShip and Dream Bonuses.

• Note: You must be qualified to override in order to receive any of the PowerTeam Commissions, Residuals, or Bonuses described above.

The DreamTeam

When one of your PowerTeam Reps (regardless of depth) starts a PowerTeam, that PowerTeam becomes a 1st Generation Dream Team to you. When a 1st Generation Rep starts a PowerTeam (regardless of depth), that PowerTeam becomes a 2nd Generation Dream Team to you. This continues through six (6) generations of PowerTeams and is called your DreamTeam.

How Do I Get Paid on My DreamTeam?

• 1st Generation – Your DreamTeam begins when a Rep in your PowerTeam, regardless of

who sponsored them, qualifies to start their PowerTeam. That PowerTeam becomes your 1st Generation DreamTeam and you earn $30 on new On-line Travel Agency sales made by those Reps (and their PowerTeam) plus 4% Residual ($2) commission on all On-Line Travel

Agency renewals of $49.95. If the PowerTeam Leader that starts your 1st Generation DreamTeam is also personally sponsored, you qualify to receive a 50% Match of their $50 PowerTeam Commission ($25) plus your $30 DreamTeam Commission, or a total of $55.

• 2nd Generation – When a Rep in your 1st Generation Dream Team qualifies to start their own PowerTeam, their PowerTeam becomes your 2nd Generation DreamTeam. You earn $20 on new sales made by those Reps (and their PowerTeams) plus 4% Residual ($2) commission on all On-Line Travel Agency renewals of $49.95.

• 3rd Generation – 3rd Generation DreamTeams are started when a 2nd Generation DreamTeam Rep qualifies to start their own PowerTeam. You earn $10 on new sales made by those Reps plus 4% Residual ($2) commission on all On-Line Travel Agency renewals of $49.95.

• 4th, 5th & 6th Generation – yourTravelBiz.com has a total of 6 Generations of DreamTeams that pay overrides. On your 4th, 5th and 6th Generation DreamTeams you earn $5 on all new sales plus 2% Residual ($1) commission on all On-Line Travel Agency renewals of $49.95.

Note: You must be qualified to override in order to receive any of the DreamTeam Commissions and Residuals described above. There can be multiple PowerTeams in each DreamTeam Generation.

When Are Commissions Paid?

Every new sale (On-line Travel Agency) that is entered into the system by 12 (Midnight) Eastern Time Zone on Thursday will be paid Friday of the following week. This includes $50 Direct Sale Commissions, $50 PowerTeam Commissions, all DreamTeam Commissions, the 50% Match of your personally sponsored Rep’s Commissions and the $1000 LeaderShip bonuses. Residual commission is paid on the 20th of the following month.

What Are Direct Sales Commissions?

Reps earn $50 for every personal On-Line Travel Agency sale they make regardless of whether or not they are qualified to override. Once they have qualified to start their PowerTeam, they also receive the $50 PowerTeam Commission (if qualified to override) on all additional personal On-Line Travel Agency sales.

How Do I Qualify to Override?

You qualify to earn override compensation by making 4 personal On-line travel Agency sales and your own purchase can be counted as one. You will continue to be qualified as long as you maintain at least 4 personally sold YTBnet Subscribers. A YTBnet Subscriber is an RTA who is paying the $49.95 monthly fee for their On-line Travel Agency. Once you are qualified to override, you will earn a 50% Match of the commissions earned by the personally sponsored Reps in your 1st Team.

What is the 50% Match?

This is calculated by multiplying the commissions earned by your personally sponsored Reps by 50%. If one of your personally sponsored Reps earns $1,000, another earns $2,000 and a third earns $5,000 in commissions ($8,000 total), then your 50% Match would be $4,000. The 50% Match includes Direct Sale Commission, PowerTeam Commission, DreamTeam Commission and all Residual Commission. The Leadership Bonus, Dream Bonus, and 50% Match are not included. Home-based travel sellers are the fastest growing segment of the travel agency community. With the large and mid-sized companies laying off people and cutting back, corporate America is no longer a stable place to be. Everyone is looking for a home-based business that can be the high performance vehicle that takes them into the future along with big time savings in tax advantages. YTB is going to be YOUR home-based business vehicle!

Does YTB Have A Bonus Program?