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The Right Trend and Industry

”Be ahead of the Right Trends in the Right Industry”

Most everyone knows that “The best way to succeed is to find out where people are going and to get there before the masses do!” That is the extreme significance of trends. If we can place ourselves or better yet position “ourselves” on the leading edge of these trends; our future can change dramatically!

Together with YTB, you can be ahead of these three powerful trends.

1) Travel!

Travel is the world’s largest, fastest-growing industry, currently at $7 TRILLION each year and growing 23% faster than the global economy. Travel is expected to double to $14 TRILLION by the end of the decade. The average American spends $3,000 each year on vacations. Tourism accounts for 10.9% of all consumer spending worldwide.

Travel spending alone averages $1.4 billion per day, that’s $59 million per hour.

Now you can turn this powerful industry into your own home-based business. On top of it all everyone loves to travel, everyone loves to save money, and everyone loves to make money!

2) Home-Based Business Boom!

Statistics say that 74% of all individuals who have acquired huge wealth, have done it by being self-employed business owners. When surveyed, 96% of people between the ages of 25 and 44 said they wanted to have their own business, but they just didn’t know how to get started!

Small and home-based businesses are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. economy. Home-based travel sellers are the fastest growing segment of the travel agency community. With the large and mid-sized companies laying off people and cutting back, corporate America is no longer a stable place to be.

Everyone is looking for a home-based business that can be the high performance vehicle that takes them into the future along with big time savings in tax advantages.

YTB is going to be YOUR home-based business vehicle!

3) The Internet and e-Commerce!

The Internet is the fastest growth technology in the history of the world. Every three seconds a new person goes online Consumers spent over $37 BILLION on travel web sites in 2003, up from $30.8 billion in 2002. Consumers spent $54 billion in 2004 and an estimated $62 billion in 2005.

Booking of travel online is perhaps the most successful niche of all the world’s e-commerce efforts.

Consumers use the Internet to become better informed, save time, and save money. Online travel has only scratched the surface of what will become a transformed marketplace in the next few years.

Use of the Internet to actually book travel continues to increase, with more than 80 millions Americans booking online travel each year. The majority (83%) of online bookers are using the Internet to do at least half of all their travel booking.

The Internet and YTB now offer YOU the ultimate leverage to start your own home based business by combining the powerful information handling capability of the Internet with the world’s most dynamic product (TRAVEL) and the personal touch of independent, home based business people.

YTB has joined these three trends together in a complete flawless combination. By utilizing our simple strategies and proven techniques we can show you how to leverage your time to generate a residual income 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can easily be part of this!!

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