Turning Fun Into Fortune


The Right Product

YTB’s Product, an online On-line Travel Agency, takes full advantage of the hottest trend “Travel”.

Our product has been sold across America to 100’s of brick and mortar franchised travel agents for 10’s of thousands of dollars and 100’s or more per month to support a booking engine. We are licensed and bonded in all 50 states and offer this same product to you for a one time investment of $499.95 and $49.95 per month to support you thru tools, websites, booking engines and hosting!

When you take advantage of the YTB Travel opportunity you will receive:

• A real, tangible Home-Based Travel Agency Business you can run from anywhere in the world or from the comfort of your kitchen table!

• Huge Discounts on Hotels, Car Rentals, Luxury Cruises, Upgrades, Exotic Vacation Packages and many more travel perks

• Personal Travel Agent Photo ID Card and Credentials

• State of the Art Travel Agency in Greater St. Louis

• 60% paid commissions on your personal website

• Online Booking Engines/ Subscription

• Affiliate Marketing Program

• Company Fam Trips

• Fam Trip Access to Exotic Places

• Total Service and Support

• Earn Commissions, Discounts, and your own personal IATAN Card

The Right Support and Tools

“Your success is accelerated by good support and tools”

Not everyone is a great speaker, entrepreneur, salesperson, or business manager, but with the right tools and support, anyone that is even average in these areas can accomplish extraordinary things.

YTB is committed to providing tools and support to help our Reps succeed beyond what they can do by themselves. Some of these tools and support areas are:

•Be Mentored by J. Lloyd Tomer, a Multi-Millionaire, who has assisted 20+ others to become millionaires

• Travel Agent Package / Training Manual (TravelBiz ToolBox)

•Virtual Travel “Back Office”

• Personal Travel Website

• Online Marketing / Auto-Responders Tool Box (Email List Builder)

• Travel Agent Tutorials

• Beautiful Color Glossy Brochures

• Live Conference/Leadership/Travel training calls

• Superior sales and presentation materials

• Upline training and support

•“Your First Class Seat to Success” Interactive CD marketing system

The Right Company

“Work with a stable, ethical, well-managed company that seeks to become the largest Travel Agency in the World.”

First of all the product must be a great value for the customer. Hopefully you have already seen our emphasis on quality, excellent product pricing, fantastic service etc.

 Next comes the sales force.

YTB’s focus is on people. Our company was founded by J. Lloyd Tomer, a multi-millionaire who made his millions over the last 20 years in a home-based business much like YTB. He knows this industry. We all know great companies are built by people who continually strive for excellence.

The sales force must be compensated in direct proportion to their efforts with NO LIMITS on their INCOMES.

Also, the company must be profitable so it can deliver the product to the customer and pay the sales force.

YourTravelBiz.com can only be called a great company when we have stood the test of time and are still delivering for the customer and the sales force 25 years from now.

Let’s take a quick look at who is behind the greatness at YTB and why we will be around for the next century.

J. Lloyd Tomer “JLT”, Founder, Chairman of the Board, Coach

During a successful career in business and sales, Lloyd was called to the ministry in the small town of Benton, IL. Of the 44 people who attended that first service on Easter Sunday, 14 were family and friends who came with him. A few years later at the dedication of the new church, over 2000 people were in attendance.

In 1980, the year after the death of his wife and ministry partner, Lloyd found himself unemployed with a $10,200 income for the year. In January 1981 he found a company that said if he would build a team to sell their products, they would compensate him in direct proportion to the results.

The company was A.L. Williams (now known as Primerica Financial Services) and they kept their promise. 21 years and over $10,000,000 in earnings later, he had an organization that had developed over 250,000 customers. But best of all, his direct reps are all financially independent.

Once he accomplished his goals, he sold that business to his son Frank and retired. But he soon discovered he missed the role of Coach and Mentor.

In June 2002 JLT committed to lead the YTB team to the heights he knew it could attain.

He’s now mentoring a new group of leaders that he knows will set the standards for excellence and compensation for its leaders in the network marketing industry.

It has been said if you want to become a Millionaire, find one who will mentor you and do exactly what they tell you to do. JLT is willing to be your mentor. This is unheard of in the industry!

Scott Tomer, Founder, CEO

Scott was JLT’s first recruit in A.L. Williams and was given the responsibility of field support and training. The JLT Group grew to over 2 billion in annual life insurance sales and had over

250,000 active customers at the time the business was sold.

Scott became a National Sales Director before leaving the company in 1992 to become a Certified Financial Planner.

He and his father have worked together on many projects and YTB is no different. Their goal is to use what they learned at A.L. Williams and build a great company, one that delivers for 3 groups.

Scott believes his job at YTB is to protect the company so it will be here for you and your family for generations to come and he does that job with true commitment.

After all, our name says it all. This is “YOUR” Travel Biz.com.

J. Kim Sorensen, Founder, VP Operations & Business Development,

President YTB Travel & Cruises

Kim had an extensive business background before joining the JLT Group in 1981. He had owned businesses and managed a multi-million dollar complex across from the state capital in Springfield, IL. Kim became a Sr. Vice President with A. L. Williams before making a decision that would benefit both the JLT Group and him.

In 1990, he moved to the St. Louis area to help Lloyd with whatever was needed to grow the business. Kim designed and implemented many programs that are still being used today. He was the one behind the scenes making sure everything went smoothly.

Kim is the definition of “Team Player”.

Kim’s fingerprints are everywhere at YTB. The business site, marketing materials, operations and the travel company have benefited from his leadership. He is also the one who first saw the awesome potential of combining internet travel and referral marketing with the benefits of being a travel professional. His vision helped turn the dream of yourTravelBiz.com into a reality.

What Is The Compensation Program?

“Promote an excellent product desired by everyone”