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Phil and Lila's Story

Our names are Phil and Lila Gilliam, and everyday we meet people that are unhappy with their situation. 

If you are not satisfied with your life, or if you just want to read a really happy and successful story of two people overcoming financial adversity, then you need to read this page VERY carefully.

Read it word for word. We will very clearly show you why you will want to seriously consider becoming a YTB Referring Travel Agent.

We ask them the questions we have listed above and they usually respond with a hearty YES that they love to travel, but that they can't afford to travel because they don't have enough money for their bills, let alone travel money.

Many People Either Hate Their Jobs Or Feel That They Are On A Dead End Street

What is even more sad is that most of these people usually hate their job, and / or are not making enough money to get by. All too often these people run out of bill money long before they run out of bills.

We know how they feel. We have both been totally broke, with four bald tires and over 150,000 miles on our tired old car, with not enough money for food, let alone bills, and certainly no thought at all of money to travel. 

Do You Have More Bills Than Money Each Month?

By the way, now, by the Grace Of God we have WAY more than only $2,000 per month income, and our family lives a fairy book life with travel, a $1,850,000 home on the Intercoastal Waterway, a magnificent boat and much, much more!

We will show you some pictures of our home and boat as we go through and tell you our story, but first we would like to talk heart to heart with you as best as can be done over the Internet.

Everyone Is Different. So What Are You Looking For In Life?

Maybe your situation is better than what ours used to be. Maybe you are looking for an exciting career change opportunity. Maybe you want to own your own business. Maybe you just want to travel more. Maybe you are simply an unhappy person and want to know how to live life more fully.

Maybe you just what to change____________. You fill in the blanks.

We hope that by the time you finish reading our story and come to understand our convictions about the benefits of the YTB home based Internet business opportunity, you will have a new direction for your life.

We will be happy to personally talk to you about your life and try to help you with finding the happiness that we have, EVEN if you decide not to go forward with this wonderful YTB home based business opportunity.

Touching people's lives and helping them is our true mission in life, and all of our successful home based Internet businesses are just a vehicle to allow us to accomplish this mission.

You will find our telephone number at the end of this page, and we would encourage you to call us and leave a message or email us with your name, telephone number and the best time to call you back and we will personally take the time to talk to you about not only your business dreams, but any aspect of your life that you need to discuss with a husband and wife team of truly caring people that want to help people and make a difference in this world.

Now with this personal note said, please read our story and if you are frightened or worried about your financial future, take hope in our wonderful success story.

Our Story

Back in the beginning of 2001 we owned a very successful "brick and mortar" company with a penthouse suite on the top of a bank building, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

We were in the process of doing a Private Placement Stock Offering which was the first step in our taking our company public. We were living high.

The View From Our Current Home's Backyard

Well, God had different plans for us.

We believe that He wanted us to experience hardships and to face the "financial Grim Reaper" so to speak. I truly believe that God was wanting us to know hardship to prepare us to be more caring, considerate and understanding of our fellowman and to understand and sympathize with our financially less fortunate friends.

We all know the impact that 911 had on the country's economy, and everyone has heard the horror stories of business failing nearly overnight. Well, our business didn't fail overnight...it took about 4 months for us to go under. We lost over $1,300,000.

Lila and I did not know what to do. I was 52 years old, with serious arthritis and other health problems, our health insurance bill is costing us over $1,500 per month and we had bills out the wazoo! I couldn't go out a get a job doing physical labor, and I could not find anyone who wanted to hire a 52 old man who had worked in his own business for over 25 years.

Our Current Living Room

As we prayed about the situation, we felt that God was leading us into an Internet based business. This is a wonderful whole story in itself, but suffice to say, we had never done anything with the Internet.

I started studying webpage development and html code. I had NO idea what html even stood for. It did not take me long to realize it stood for, "horrible to master language"!

We repeatedly tried all sorts of webpage designs and getting our websites listed on the search engines; I failed and failed and failed...you get the idea.

EVERYONE thought that we had lost our minds, but we still felt that what we were doing was God's Will.

The Nine Seat Theater In Our Current Home

Well, sometime when we have several hours to just sit and talk we will share our incredible journey with you and how that God enabled us to build our incredibly successful home based Internet businesses to an unbelievably successful and solid business venture.

God has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams. Everyday He blesses us more and more. Our cup truly runneth over.

Once we started to succeed with our home based Internet business we tried to help many of our friends who were struggling financially to establish their own home based Internet businesses. After all, we had succeeded, and we knew what the pitfalls were, why shouldn't we be able to help all of our friends to succeed also?

Well there was one really BIG hitch. While I had never worked with the Internet and html computer code before, I did have a solid background in computers. Most of our friends had little or no computer experience.

The View Of Our Dinning Room, Standing In The Middle Of Our Current Kitchen

What was frustrating was that even the younger friends that we knew that were proficient with computers did not have the time with their existing jobs or struggling businesses to learn the Internet and html like I did. After all I was out of work and had no choice. Our friends all had jobs or struggling businesses and they could not take the time to teach themselves like we had.

We tried to help some of them with webpage designs and Internet search engine optimization (SEO) but the reality was that we were still building our own home based Internet businesses and we simply did not have the time to help.

This is truly the beauty of the YTB Home Based Travel Business Opportunity. They have done all of the computer and Internet work for you. You could get into this business without even having a computer or Internet connection (we admit that it would be awkward but very doable)

You absolutely, unconditionally do not have to know ANYTHING about computers or the Internet to succeed with the YTB opportunity. You simply need to be able to talk to your family, friends and associates about your new Internet based website, and share with them your excitement about the business opportunities.

Our Sunny Room Overlooking The Pool & Intercoastal Waterway

We cannot know what God has planned for you. We cannot tell anyone that they should definitely get into this exciting opportunity. You may not set the world on fire; you may not even succeed. There are no promises in life, let alone on this website.

If you are not a people person you probably should not get into this business. You usually need to be a friendly, caring person to have friends and to be able to talk freely to people, but even a grumpy person has associates that need and like to travel!

What we have seen personally with the YTB Home Based Travel Business Opportunity are many, many ordinary people making thousands of dollars every month. Ordinary people that are old and young, attractive and unattractive, fat, skinny, tall, short, white, black and yellow.

The only single characteristics that they all shared was a burning desire to change their lives and the determination to do whatever it took to accomplish this task. 

So if... you are a people person and you like to share exciting opportunities in travel and making money, and you are not afraid of a little hard work; this opportunity is PERFECT for you. Take a minute more and consider our following thoughts and reasoning as we close our story and leave you to consider this exciting new business opportunity.

If You Are A People Person, This Is The Right Decision

“Turn your Passion into Profit!”

Have you ever looked back at your life and thought, “If I’d only been at the right place at the right time, how much different would my financial life be right now?

“If I’d only known about Wal-Mart when Sam Walton had just 1 store, or I’d heard about Art Williams when A.L. Williams had only 85 total people, or if I’d known of Bill Gates like Phil's friend when Microsoft was in still in his garage.

If I’d been there in the beginning I’d be financially independent today.

You see, those companies changed their industries forever! But chances are you missed out on the opportunity those companies created for their people. Opportunities that enabled clerks, secretaries, teachers, factory workers, young and old alike to become financially successful.

Several years from now, when you look back, we want you to remember that you visited this website before YTB revolutionized the largest industry in the world, TRAVEL.

And now that you have seen The Right Opportunities: made up of the “Right Stuff” capitalizing on the three hottest trends and industries backed by the Right Company with the Right Product supported by the Right Tools and literally having an unmatched Right Compensation Plan; What other decision could be easier than to plug in and get started Right away and take advantage of what thousands of others are doing Right now!!?

When you join YTB Travel, you will become a travel professional who will be able to pass on HUGE travel savings to your friends, family, business associates and neighbors when they book their reservations through your very own booking engine.

From the research that you have done in this profile, you now understand that the YTBnet Business Package is "The Product" that is sold by YTB Reps. When you purchase the YTBnet Business Package, you become a travel professional (RTA) with YTB Travel and you receive:

1. YTBnet - A personalized business site including eCommerce equipped Internet Travel Site/Booking Engine and access to the company Intranet.

2. RTA reference and training materials.

3. Contract with YTB Travel Network for commissions on travel sold on your Internet Travel Site.

You also receive RTA Credentials, which are entry-level credentials that identify you as a travel professional with YTB Travel. Many RTAs have used these credentials to receive valuable perks and professional courtesies worth thousands of dollars. Your credentials will show your YTB Travel ID # and company ARC/IATAN #.

Get started today! Simple sign-up process! YTB is where you want to be!

YOUR time is now!!! Let’s roll up our sleeves and get started right away.

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Thank you again for visiting us. 

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Phil & Lila Gilliam