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Phil & Lila Gilliam

In The Next Week Or So....

Why shouldn't you be the one that they book their travel with?

With our powerful Internet Travel Website system we can provide you your own personal Internet website, powered by Priceline.com, up and running within 15 minutes after you have made your application!

If one of your friends needed to book travel at 8:00 and you finish your application at 7:45 you will be paid the commission on their booking the next week.

Furthermore, as you read on, we are going to show you how that you can make money two ways with our business opportunity, and regardless whether you work full or part time, you will have the same benefits of business tax deductions that any big corporation enjoys everyday.

Yes, the company that we represent, YTB Travel Network, a publicly traded company on the stock exchange, who did over $500,000,000 in travel bookings last year, offers you a way to start making money either part time or full time owning your own travel business earning 60% commissions whenever someone books travel, shows, airfare, cruises, and much more on your OWN PERSONAL website powered by Priceline.com.

You Can Have Your Own Travel Internet Website Powered By Priceline.com!

And if you want to take your business opportunity even further, you can build your organization with other travel professionals earning money for you, even when you are asleep! The sky is the limit!

In a minute, at the bottom of the page you will find that there is a link to an exciting success movie and if you have high speed Internet connection like cable or DSL, you can play the movie before you read the rest of our website and see just how lucrative your new travel business can be.

Also, on every page there is a link to a sign up page with full instructions how that you can have your new travel website powered by Priceline.com up and running in only 15 minutes!

Also, you site features hundreds of other, recognized names such as Hotels.com, TicketsNow, Forbes, Better Business Bureau, Travel Guard, AIG and on, and on....

Don't Think You Can Afford It Or You Don't Understand Computers Or The Internet?

Oh, we know that you may be thinking right now; how much is this going to cost. This is a very common question of everyone.

Or maybe you are thinking, I don't know ANYTHING about computers or the Internet. How can I possibly get into my own Internet Travel Business?

Don't worry. You will be able to be up and running with absolutely NO computer or Internet experience. We do it all for you...the setup, the travel searches, the billings, the confirmations; we do it all. All you have to do is tell everyone you know about your new business.

Oh yeh, you do also have to cash your commission checks when they come in!

Furthermore, it will cost you less than $500 to start you business and have you own Priceline.com travel site. With your new Internet website business, you could be able to be making money your VERY FIRST DAY if you are motivated and willing to tell your family, friends, and business associates about your new travel business.

By the way, as we said earlier, our company pays you your commissions EVERY WEEK so you don't have to worry about the money end of your business at all. You just tell the people in your life about your site, and sit back and wait for the money to start coming in.

Also, if you are worried about being paid, remember, our company is a publicly traded company on the stock exchange and is financially rock solid.

In addition, if you want to take your new travel business to even higher heights, then recruit other people like yourself that want to change their life, make more money, travel at REALLY low prices, and get their own business tax deduction like the big corporations, and you will start receiving bonuses on everyone that you recruit AND start making commission immediately on their business while they make money themselves!

We do not care what motivates you, but if what we have said so far excites or interest you, then you need to read our story and then watch the movie that can possibly lead to your future of success, fortune and fun!

Ask Yourself The Following Questions:

  1. Do You Like To Travel?
  2. Do You Travel As Much As You Want?
  3. Would You Like To Be A Full Time Or Part Time Travel Agent?
  4. Would You Like To Travel As An Insider With Really Low Cost Travel, Tax Deductions Every Time You Travel, And Other Generous Perks And Benefits That Only Insiders Enjoy?
  5. Would Earning An Extra $2,000 Per Month Or More Part Time Help At Bill Time?
  6. Are You Tired Of Finding The Perfect Opportunity Only To Find That You Are "A Day Late And A Dollar Short"?
  7. Would You Like To Have Your Own Automated Internet Travel Business, Run By Priceline.com That Is Making Money For You 24 Hours Per Day, 7 Days Per Week, 365 Days Of The Year?
  8. Do You Want To Want To Change Your Life Now And Forever?

If you said yes to even one of the above question then this opportunity could be perfect for you!

Why Is Now The Right Time?                 

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